In AP’s BEST EVER series, watch your favorite bands name who they think is the best alternative artist, ever. For Volume 2, we spoke with more members of A Will Away, Can’t SwimGood TigerBoston ManorROAMI The Mighty, Hail The Sun and Have Mercy.

Find out which members chose Frank Ocean, who chose Third Eye Blind ("They are siiick. What a record, holy shit.") and who said this about Soundgarden: “I love the way they take progressive elements and implement them into, at that time, modern rock and how Chris’ vocals go all over the place, from low to high, to emotive to angry. They just had so many emotions in their music that really struck me as a teen.”

Featuring: Nathaniel Gleason of Have Mercy; Daniel Cunniff and Henry Cox of Boston Manor, Matt Roskilly and Alex Adam of ROAM, Donovan Melero and John Stirrat of Hail The Sun, Danny Rico of Can’t Swim, John McSweeney and Collin Waldron of A Will Away, Chris Hinkley of I The Mighty, Des Nagle of Good Tiger

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