Is it too early to start waxing nostalgic about the second annual Alternative Press Music Awards? Meh, we’ll do it anyway. Last night, the scene’s finest gathered to recognize the year’s highest musical achievements at the only award show that boasts as much skull merchandise as it does formal wear. Here are some of our favorite moments of the night.

[Photo cred: Ashley Osborn]


Sum 41’s triumphant return

Sum 41

[Photo cred: Paris Visone]

Smashing through a collection of their greatest hits, the original pop-punk shit-starters proved they were back in a very real way, taking the stage for the second time since Deryck Whibley’s 2014 hospitalization. After bringing original Dave “Brownsound” Baksh onstage during “Fat Lip”, their signature sneering almost-rap, they upped the ante with an appearance from Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inductee DMC. Deryck Whibley and the iconic rapper traded verses on Run DMC’s “King of Rock.” Whibley asked DMC to help him poll the audience about their favorite genre—let’s just say rock is really what fans live for.


Simple Plan has a special guest

Simple Plan

[Photo cred: Paris Visone]

Taking a break from Warped Tour, Simple Plan delivered their signature angst-ridden melodicism with renditions of “I’ll Do Anything” and a cover of “Responsibility.” The latter featured a very special guest, MxPx’s own Mike Herrera.


Someone’s Gotta Get Some Endurance Training

All Time Low

[Photo cred: Paris Visone]

Rocky they are not, but there’s a certain charm to—who are we kidding, we just like watching All Time Low fall down. Their public speaking skills may have taken some practice before the big day, but their pop-punk medley was effortless nostalgia, featuring staples from the pop-punk canon such as “The Middle” “What’s My Age Again” and “Basket Case.”


Keith Buckley in bloom

Red Carpet Hosts

[Photo cred: Graham Fielder]

You’ve heard “on fleek,” but what about “blooming onion”? Keith Buckley made one of the greatest metaphors involving a deep-fried appetizer to ever feature prominently in a red-carpet recap. As he and Ash Costello, our AXS TV red carpet hosts, hyped the pre-show, Buckley’s thoughts were with another iconic starter. “You could say we’re like a blooming onion!” Because what would go better with a little Every Time I Die than a sponsorship deal with Australian steakhouses...


Derek Sanders, Dan Lambton, Patty Walters and Kevin Jordan present the award for Best Live Band

Derek Sanders

[Photo cred: Graham Fielder]

Yes, we’re biased, but something about watching the four singers of Real Friends, Mayday Parade, This Wild Life and As It Is riff on each other, shamelessly self-promote and engage in some vigorous shirt tucking made us a little more than stoked for the upcoming AP Tour, just to see this motley crew of weirdos.


The real star of the night: APTV’s Nick Major’s friendship bracelets

Nick Major

[Photo cred: Graham Fielder]

Nothing inspired more comments—and concern—on the red carpet than the cocoon of fan-made bracelets engulfing Major’s right forearm. Major’s been a grateful recipient of literally hundreds of these tokens this summer on Warped Tour, and wears everyone he receives until it falls off. Andy Biersack thought they stunk (“Do you wash that? It’s going to smell!”) Juliet Simms thought they were thoughtful, and Sleeping With Sirens just liked ribbing Nick for his “dirty” behavior. Is it hygienic? Maybe. Sweet? A definite yes. Be sure to follow AltPress on Snapchat to keep up with all of Major’s shenanigans!


Vicious Rock with New Found Glory and Hayley Williams

Hayley & Chad

[Photo cred: Grizzlee Martin]

New Found Glory are reissuing 2014’s Resurrection on October 9, so the Artist Of The Year nominees invited Hayley Williams onstage to perform the disc’s new version of “Vicious Love”—an ode to biting romance her relationship with guitarist Chad Gilbert inspired. Dueting with Jordan Pundik, the night’s Best Vocalist winner was a welcome addition to the fun. We’d like to see this collaboration become a regular part of NFG’s set.


Rob Zombie Calls Out AP

Rob Zombie

[Photo cred: Paris Visone]

Hey—sometimes we get it wrong. Rob Zombie rectified a past slight by calling out Alternative Press at our own award show, recalling a bad review we gave an early White Zombie Record. “Well, I gotta be honest as I hold this award in my hands, and I can’t help but think of the first time I read something about myself in Alternative Press. It was right when the first White Zombie album came out on Geffen Records. We were all excited. It was our first big review. We were like ‘Oh my god, what does Alternative Press have to say?’ We opened it up and it said ‘This is the worst band ever.’ And then it said ‘Ignore this band. Whatever you do, ignore this band,’” he recalled, laughing. “So I’d like to thank Alternative Press and the fans for ignoring the review.” It was hilarious, charming and a deserved lashing that proved this Vanguard’s earned his stripes.


Brendon annihilates “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Brendon Urie

[Photo cred: Graham Fielder]

It’s not the first time the Panic frontman has tackled the Queen classic—but it’s undoubtedly the best. Careening from falsetto croons to trilling runs to jubilant gesticulations that Freddie Mercury would have smiled at, Urie showcased exactly why he won last year’s APMA’s Best Vocalist award. This was an absolutely acrobatic display of vocal ability and theatrics, and looked so damn fun the entire audience was carried away. By far, the best performance of the night.


Crossfaith’s Japanese lesson


[Photo cred: Paris Visone]

Because sometimes an awards show should double as a Rosetta Stone endorsement. The Best International Band nominees from Osaka took a moment to speak their mind—in Japanese. As Caleb Shomo nodded in agreement (was he just hanging out?), the metalcore quintet schooled us on...something, presenting the Award for Dedicated Fans entirely in their native tongue. It was a raucous moment, but also a pretty amazing—and ridiculous—testament to how wide-reaching and diverse our scene is.


Weezer takes it home


[Photo cred: Graham Fielder]

“It’s Weezer time, everybody” a relaxed and grinning Rivers Cuomo informed the crowd,  as the Artist of the Year nominees closed out the night with “El Scorcho” “Buddy Holly” and “Go Away,” the latter of which featured guest vocals provided by Mariel Lovelend of Candy Hearts. The nerd-rock power-pop legends soared through the technically precise, crunchy set with charm to spare, and as the acts most nominees said they were the most excited to see perform, the Weez put the night to bed right.