Ever since 1995, the Vans Warped Tour has been an extremely iconic U.S. tour, responsible for summer reunions amongst large bands, networking opportunities for up-and-coming bands and "the first big break" for small bands whose success stemmed from this traveling rock festival. With an ever-changing lineup each year, every Warped Tour experience is musically different, but still carries those "punk rock summer camp" qualities everyone loves.

Now get ready to take a trip down memory lane yourselves as your favorite musicians reveal their favorite Warped lineups. (And take a look at the year that was clearly the most popular.)

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 warped tour poster, 1995

Saves The Day, Arun Bali

I have to go with that very first lineup. Seriously, seeing those bands in 1995? Are you fucking kidding me? That post-hardcore era was a massive influence for a lot of bands that are around today, including Saves The Day.


warped tour poster, 1997

Vinnie Fiorello, Less Than Jake

1997. Descendents, Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Bouncing Souls, Face To Face, MxPx, Offspring and Pennywise!


warped tour poster, 1998

Jake Kiley, Strung Out 

The ‘98 lineup was excellent.


warped tour poster, 1999

Ryan Locke, Seaway 

Warped '99. Blink, Eminem, Lit, Gob, Jimmy Eat World. What are you, silly? Is there any other answer?


The original 1995 lineup with No Doubt and Sublime is up there, but I think I’d have to say 1999—Eminem, Ice-T, Blink-182, classic Black Eyed Peas. That was a good year for hip-hop at Warped.


warped tour poster, 2002

Matty Arsenault, A Loss For Words

I remember it was the year when Drive-Thru Record had a stage [2002]. I think I left once to see Thursday and that was it! Think I did all my school shopping there as well! Haha.


warped tour poster, 2003

Tino Arteaga, Of Mice & Men

I moshed so hard at Warped Tour 2003! Rancid, Pennywise, Thrice, Glassjaw, Poison The Well, the Used, Avenged Sevenfold, From Autumn To Ashes, Coheed And Cambria...it was an epic year!

Cole Crutchfield, Knocked Loose

My favorite lineup from Warped Tour history is probably 2003 when Avenged Sevenfold played. I didn't go, obviously, because I was 6 years old at the time, but seeing videos from their set where they're playing songs solely off their first two records is awesome. Wish I could've been there.


warped tour poster, 2004

Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens

The year I went in 2004. The Used, Underoath, From First To Last, Boys Night Out, Coheed And Cambria—just to name a few.

Nick Martin, Sleeping With Sirens

2004 was the best lineup. My Chemical Romance, Underoath, Alkaline Trio, Sugarcult, NOFX, the Used, Taking Back Sunday, Avenged Sevenfold, the Bled—the list goes on and it fucking ruled.

David Alexander, Carousel Kings

Favorite lineup would be the Warped I saw with My Chemical Romance. It was really cool to see those guys blow up after that.