Metalcore act Betraying The Martyrs are facing a tough situation following a serious van accident.

The band are being forced to cancel their North American tour after their van's trailer caught fire following their show in Orangevale, California.

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Luckily, the band and crew members are safe but they've taken a serious financial hit with their equipment being destroyed.

The band has shared a GoFundMe page explaining exactly what happened.

Vocalist Aaron Matts explains the loss of their belongings is heartbreaking but he's just happy everyone is safe.

“We're all shaken by what has happened this morning. We're well but very heartbroken that all we have worked hard to accumulate over the years, both in musical equipment, and personal belongings has been lost in a matter of minutes. I'm grateful that we have our health, each other, and were able to walk away with the clothes on our backs. We are extremely sorry to have missed another opportunity to play for those that were looking forward to see us. We'll bounce back and we'll see you soon. Thank you,” the post reads.

The page further says the band's driver Daniel Johnson ran through the fire attempting to save some things and wake everyone up.

They're asking for donations to build themselves back up and hopefully get back on the road soon.

The band's manager also posted a video of the trailer burning which you can see in the player below.

If you're interested in getting the band back on their feet, you can make a donation here.

What do you think of the unfortunate mishap Betraying The Martyrs are going through? Let us know in the comments below.

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