Beyond Unbroken formed in 2013, features former members of Escape The Fate, Monte and Michael Money. They are getting ready to make their debut show to the world this summer. In the meantime, they’re releasing a new song, “Losing My Mind,” and its music video, with AP.

“I was bouncing back and forth between the studio life and the normality of my 9 to 5 job,” says bassist and backup vocalist Daimen Horrell. “So to me its about the struggle of a musician—allowing yourself to dream, working for it, ignoring the naysayers, and appreciating those by your side.”

The video's concept directs around the meaning of the song, says lead vocalist Monte Money. “The black and white frames in the beginning depict the normal everyday routine that we all go through,” he says. “As the song progresses, you see us covered in blood, which means we were hitting our breaking point and losing our minds.”

Monte and his brother Michael left Escape The Fate toward the end of 2013.

“After a great decade in the band and working with the guys, I just felt like I wanted to start a new journey and explore a new musical path. I will always love what we've created and all of the crazy fun times the guys and I had,” Monte shares. “There was never ill will toward the guys, but it did kind of feel like I was breaking up with my girlfriend. And everyone knows a break up is never an easy thing.”

In "Don't Wake The Dead," a song released by Beyond Unbroken in February, the lyrics "fuck your fate" could be read as an insult to ETF. However, Monte says that's not the case. "The song lyric has nothing to do toward the ETF band. That lyric in that particular song means fate is irrelevant to those who strongly believe in 'destiny,'" he says.

Beyond Unbroken are even planning to book shows with former ETF bassist Max Green’s new band Violent New Breed.

“Max and I have always kept in contact with one another,” says Monte. “We actually had collaborated on a song together for Beyond Unbroken's album.”

Beyond Unbroken’s debut show will be on June 22 at The Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California. “If the fans come and watch us in June, they just might catch us [playing] a #WayBackWednesday old ETF song,” says Monte. “We are also planning on releasing our album later this year.”