[Photo by: Bhad Bhabie/YouTube]

So, Bhad Bhabie just dropped a new music video, and it's taking all our effort just to write this. You remember Bhad Bhabie, right? Perhaps you know her as the "Cash Me Outside" girl, or maybe you somehow recall her proper name, Danielle Bregoli. Anyway, the new vid for Bhabie's "I Got It" is below.

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Believe it or not, we actually watched this thing. At one point in the video, she puts a bunch of cash in a clothes dryer. Then she irons it. Is that supposed to be a metaphor for money laundering? You tell us. "These hoes like so psychotic," Bhabie raps. "They don't know I got it." She's letting you know she got it.

Here are some screenshots:

Now we're gonna link you out somewhere. Bhad Bhabie was recently featured in Billboard's "The Next 10 Under 21: Which Young Artists Are Coming Up Next?" list. And that's real information—you can totally check it out.

Anyway, watch it if you want: