Billie Eilish is finally back with new music. On Friday, the 18-year-old artist released her brand new single "my future" along with an emotional animated video.

Now, Eilish is opening up about the writing process and inspiration for "my future."

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It's been a pretty good week for Eilish. On Thursday, she made history with this year's MTV Video Music Award nominations. She is the first artist in VMAs history to get two Video Of The Year nominations while still being in their teens. The 18-year-old artist is nominated this year for “everything i wanted.” Last year, she received a nom for her breakthrough hit “bad guy.”

Eilish is also nominated for various other VMA categories this year including Song Of The Year, Video For Good, Best Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects.

Now, Eilish is unveiling her new single "my future" which follows up 2019's "everything i wanted." As she shares with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, the new song is all about her own personal growth over the years.

“It’s just that growth. It’s growth," she says. "I feel like, at least for me, I spent years and years relying on having someone. And as soon as I didn’t have someone, I got somebody else. And I’m not talking about relationships. I’m talking about everything."

She further reveals in the interview that she is spending her time learning how to be alone and be okay with it.

“I could never be alone," she continues. "I couldn’t take my own company for so long. And I don’t know, I just felt like I needed that growth. I needed a moment to myself, and I got it. And it was really hard. It’s really, it’s so much harder than you think, to not rely on people, to just have yourself to rely on.”

Although "my future" is about her personal growth, Eilish says that the track is still relevant for so many people.

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“As much ‘my future’ is a song about personal growth and being content, it’s now, more than ever, I listen to it, I’m like, ‘Wow, this is actually super relevant to right now,'" she shares. "And our future as a world and as a people, it’s crazy when you can get to a point in life where hope itself feels hopeless."

Eilish further shares how important music is right now. Especially during the current times amid the coronavirus pandemic, music is a sense of comfort for many.

“It feels hopeless to hope for stuff. Should you even be wishing? Should you even be hopeful? It’s like, is it even worth it? That’s insane, but that’s where we are at this point. We need the music. We need the hope.”

"my future" was written and recorded by Eilish and her brother FINNEAS in just two days. The quick turn around for the new single is something the sibling duo don't experience often.

“It was so, so satisfying," she says. "We wrote the song in two days. That’s crazy fast for us. I mean, to be honest with you, lately, it’s kind of been like that. We just going, so it’s been great."

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Due to quarantine lockdown over the past few months, Eilish has been creating music faster than ever before. For "my future," she says her and FINNEAS wrote the song a month into quarantine.

"It’s like, this is the most we’ve ever worked in one period of time," she continues. "But we record, we wrote it like a month into quarantine probably. And it was pouring rain. Oh, it was such a perfect setting.”

The emotional animated video for "my future" and Billie Eilish's Apple Music interview are available to stream below.

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