A judge has reportedly granted a temporary restraining order filed by Billie Eilish and her family against someone who repeatedly trespassed on their property. 

According to TMZ, 24-year old Prenell Rousseau began showing up to the Eilish residence last Monday. In total, he trespassed on the property seven times. Billie Eilish and her family were not only worried about Rousseau himself, but also that he could potentially be spreading the coronavirus. He didn't wear a mask or gloves the majority of the time. 

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According to TMZ, Rousseau began showing up to the Eilish residence last Monday. Rousseau allegedly rang the doorbell and Billie Eilish's father, Patrick O'Connell answered the door through their Ring doorbell. "I think I might have the wrong house, but does Billie Eilish live here," Rousseau asked. O'Connell told him that he had the wrong house. 

Rousseau allegedly returned at 9 P.M. and exhibited "erratic behavior." "While we waited for security, Mr. Rousseau remained on our porch, sat down and began to read a book, while also continuing to engage in a periodic monologue," Eilish said. "My father repeatedly asked him to leave, but he refused." 

It's reported that security told him to leave, which he complied with before returning shortly thereafter and laying down behind a wall; apparently ready to spend the night. 

Rousseau returned the next day and attempted to enter Billie Eilish's residence directly by trying the door handle. 

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Billie Eilish said he returned seven times and was actually taken into custody twice. But, seeing as trespassing is a non-violent crime and authorities are attempting to curb the spread of coronavirus by allowing non-violent offenders to remain on the streets. 

Billie Eilish was also very concerned about the potential spread of coronavirus. Of the seven times Rousseau trespassed, Billie Eilish says that during five of them, he was not wearing a mask. The two additional times he attempted contact, he did have a mask but lowered it to speak with security. Rousseau also did not wear gloves and frequently touched the door handle and doorbell. 

It's reported that Rousseau was put on a bus and sent back to his home state of New York. However, Billie Eilish fears he will return. 

The judge granted a temporary restraining order requiring Rousseau to cease contact with anyone in the Eilish family and stay 200 yards away. The hearing is reportedly on June 1. 

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