After seeing an old friend from back in the day get hit with a cup full of beer at a baseball game, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong took to Instagram to share that he wasn’t having any of it.

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While at an Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees game in New York, Oakland native John Spencer was out supporting his Cali team. After the Yankees won the game on their home turf, an overly-excited Yankees dweeb poured his overpriced stadium beer on the respectful attendee.

“I was being totally respectful, I knew I was in enemy territory, I was also sitting in the bleachers, which probably wasn’t the best idea,” Spencer said in a story with ForTheWin. “I made friends with Yankees friends around me and (talking trash) here and there. And that took it to the next level.”

Check out the viral video below:

However, it turns out it wasn’t just anybody who got hit with the cup of beer. It was a childhood friend of Armstrong and the drummer of New York punk outfit Stringer.

“I’ve known this kid since he was in middle school,” Armstrong shared in an Instagram post. “His name is John and he was hit with a cup of beer by a moron at the A’s/Yankee game last night. He was there to root for his beloved Oakland Athletics. He’s also one of the most kick-ass drummers I’ve ever heard and he’s been a great influence to my sons as musicians. Let’s make him feel awesome and show him some love.”

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Leave it to Armstrong to be one of the most wholesome people in punk.

Additionally, the Oakland Athletics took to Twitter to look for the diehard A’s fan. After some searching, the team hooked him up with some new A’s merch that doesn’t reek of stale beer.

We love this good, pure content.

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