Green Day are famous for a variety of pop-punk songs, but one song in particular sticks out to fans. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” from American Idiot has likely made the first day of October a nightmare for Billie Joe Armstrong’s notifications. The singer gets trolled annually by his fans who act like his personal alarm clock and remind him it’s time to wake up.

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Armstrong’s most recent Instagram post was littered with wake-up calls as well as fan accounts commenting at these users to stop the joke.

Even Palaye Royale’s Sebastian Danzig jumped on board and wished he had seized the moment.

However, some fans of the song may not know this particular track is dedicated to Armstrong’s late father who passed Sept. 1, 1982 from complications with cancer. Armstrong was just 10 years old. After bolting from his father’s funeral in tears, he told his mother through his bedroom door to “Wake me up when September ends.”

Though Armstrong is bombarded every October, many fans joke with love.

Armstrong’s face marks the beginning of October just as Justin Timberlake’s face ushers in the first days of May. So with this annual, seemingly unending joke, Vulture asked Green Day, “Do you have anything to say to those people that post it every year?” Armstrong simply states, “Have fun, get a life at the same time.”

If Armstrong tells us we can have fun, the joke may continue for a few more years at least, unless Green Day make a song about letting them sleep in.

If you are over the joke and want to hear some legitimately good news about Green Day, fear not.The band have been teasing us over the past few months, and you can read all about what we think they have in store for fans right here.