All of us have at least one Green Day album we wish had a few more songs or even a second album to accompany it.

Despite the requests over the past few decades to release music that sounds like their Dookie or American Idiot days, Billie Joe Armstrong says Green Day have no plans to ever put out follow up records. However, if they did, there's only one album that would get a sequel.

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Green Day have released a staggering 13 studio albums throughout their career that span from 1990 to 2020. Given their thirty-year run as one of the top rock bands in the world, there's a lot of diverse music to choose from. Naturally, however, we all have that one specific Green Day album we find ourselves listening to over and over again.

While many of us wish Green Day would bring back their past musical eras, Armstrong says no one should hold their breath. The frontman took to social media this week to share that Green Day have no intention of revisiting their past albums for sequels.

However, if the band ever felt like a sequel was needed, there's only one album they have in mind. Armstrong shares that 1995's Insomniac is the only album they would do a follow up to.

"We would never make a 'part 2' of any past Green Day album," he says. "But if we did it would be Insomniac."

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[Photo via @billiejoearmstrong on Instagram][/caption]Insomniac is the fourth studio album from Green Day. It went on to peak at No. 2 in the United States and includes the hits "Brain Stew," "No Pride" and "86." As well, the album is currently certified 2x RIAA platinum.

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Armstrong's revelation may be surprising to some fans. Back in 2019, he shared that "Panic Song" is one Insomniac song that Green Day will probably never play live. He candidly told a fan that the song is “too hard [to play], and I’m too lazy.”

Armstrong is gearing up to release his new album No Fun Mondays on Nov. 27. The LP is comprised of his past covers that he's performed throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The 14-track album includes his performances of John Lennon‘s “Gimme Some Truth," Don Backy’s “Amico" and “Kids In America” which he played for Mike Dirnt‘s birthday.

No Fun Mondayshere

Insomniac is available to stream below.

Is Insomniac your favorite Green Day album? Should they do a sequel to it? Let us know in the comments below.