Conspiracies are circulating on Twitter about the staggering amount of Bird Box memes. Not only are there hundreds upon hundreds of Sandra Bullock memes, the viral ones are coming from accounts with less than 50 followers.

Many people believe that Netflix has orchestrated an underground league of memers and bots to boost promotion of the film. However, a much more plausible case simply points the finger at lucky locals.

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Regardless, something seems really fishy here. Check out a few of the viral memes in question below.

Despite the popular conspiracy, people believe that many of these accounts are real and not bots because they appear to respond and interact with other tweets. The tweets below correspond to the first tweet in question above.

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Additionally, a staff writer at The Atlantic pointed out that many people use Twitter as a platform to construct memes for Instagram because the format looks appealing.

Also lots of people use twitter as basically a CMS for Insta,” staff writer Taylor Lorenz says. “So they have a Twitter accts just to post memes and screenshot them for Insta because that format performs well.”
Lorenz also said that she reached out to Netflix for comment. In a tweet, the reporter said that allegations of the streaming service running a secret society of meme curators have since been proven false.
However, if the Netflix conspiracies were true after all, the streaming service just proves to be comically good at marketing.

Bird Box is now streaming on Netflix. You can watch the trailer for the original film below.

What do you think is going on with all of the Bird Box memes? Sound off in the comments below.