Birds Of Prey is doing well critically and with audiences but has had a weak opening since hitting theaters a couple of weeks ago. The Harley Quinn-centered film has only earned about $65 million since opening. Everyone thinks they have a reason for why it's performing poorly.

Deadpool co-creator and artist Rob Liefield gave his take on why the badass flick is underperforming. He blames it on costume design.

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Liefield was incredibly popular in the 1990s, best known for creating Marvel's Deadpool, Cable, X-Force and Domino. However, he has since drawn the ire of not just Birds of Prey fans, but genre fans as a whole and more for some recent comments he made.

Liefield believes that Birds of Prey's lack of box office success is due to the costumes that Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn wears in the film.

In since-deleted tweets, Liefield gave his thoughts.

"Next time, more punk rock, less happy meal" and "The Ronald McDonald look on Harley, not so much. Stick with the winning punk rock formula. Visual design and costuming matter." The pictures in the deleted tweets were comparing the overalls Quinn is sporting throughout the film to what the McDonalds mascot Ronald McDonald wears.

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He then tweeted "Anyways, Suicide Squad costume designer Kate Hawley drew inspiration from Blondie's Deborah Harry for Harley Quinn. Punk Rock suits her."

"The Deborah Harry inspired Harley is amazing. This is a great look for the character and for Margot." The Deborah Harry look Liefield is referencing is her look for Suicide Squad that Robbie has spoken at length about made her feel uncomfortable. For reference, Debbie Harry is the iconic punk queen from the band Blondie.

Fans of the genre quickly tried to explain the reasoning behind the costume choices, such as wanting to change your look after a breakup. Others noted that Liefield, who is known for drawing rather exaggerated women with scandalous costumes was just ignorant. Check out some replies to the original tweets below.

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Anyway, Birds Of Prey is still in theaters and if you're so inclined, go give it a watch! As we said, people seem to be loving it!

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