Bishop Briggs is the definition of a pop-rock powerhouse with her epic tracks such as “River.” The singer created several hits on her debut album Church Of Scars released in April.

Briggs is iconic for more than just her music. She’s easily recognizable for her hairstyle that she always performs with: space buns. She sports it in all her music videos and wears them for every concert.

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However, the “Baby” singer just made a drastic change to her head. She shaved off all her hair. This comes in support of her friend Arax, a beauty and makeup guru on Instagram who just started chemo.

“I felt this was something small I could do to show my support. I love you!” Briggs says on her Instagram story.

October appropriately marks breast cancer awareness month. On her Instagram story, Briggs pointed followers toward the Susan G. Komen foundation to donate and support breast cancer research and cancer patients.

In celebration of the big decision, Briggs posted this Instagram selfie with a caption perfect for Halloween.

On her Instagram story, Briggs posted a picture in the hairstyling chair before getting her head shaved. Her caption read, “Dreamt of this since I was 14 tbh.”.

With space buns or without them, Briggs is iconic for her heart. You can support patients through the Susan G. Komen foundation here.