Black Friday is no laughing matter. Trampling, yelling, screaming and some crying is bound to happen, but you know it’s worth it to snag that flat-screen TV for half price. It’s a grueling process that involves tons of coffee and not sleeping. 

You already know what you’re getting into, so build a playlist to jam to while you’re out there. Because we know the only thing your brain will be focusing on is where to find parking and where to get the sick deals. 

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More on Black Friday

The second Record Store Day event of the year, Black Vinyl Friday 2019, comes upon us in one week. Trust us: It’s more fun to wait in line to score some sweet vinyl releases than it is to get caught in a stampede for a dodgy flatscreen at a soulless big-box store.

Our resident record hoarder perused the list of available things this year and made his suggestions accordingly. Check here for a complete list of releases that should help you beat the post-Thanksgiving dinner L-tryptophan crash and wake up early to get in line. And it goes without saying, but it never stops us from doing it anyway: Every day is record store day.

The Regrettes – “Holiday-ish” seven-inch

The kickass tough-grrrl quartet from Los Angeles enlisted Wallows frontman Dylan Minnette to join the Regrettes frontwoman Lydia Night for a necessary addition to your holiday mixtapes. While the flip side is a demo version of the song, who thinks it would’ve been cooler if they did a split with Gerard Way’s “Dasher” on the flip? (Night contributes vocals to G’s 2018 Christmas track.) Hey Warners, we’ll buy the same record twice, swear…

Slipknot – “All Out Life”/“Unsainted” 

In true Slipknot fashion, here’s a menacing-as-hell seven-inch picture disc of a song that didn’t make it on to We Are Not Your Kind. Yet, the lyrics to “All Out Life” inspired the album title. Look dude, don’t ask questions: Just slap this evil bastard on your turntable and trash the room already.

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