As if Black Mirror's new film wasn't interactive enough, you can now play one of the actual games that Colin developed in Bandersnatch.

The one-off special was released this past Friday, and lets viewers dictate their own path while watching the choose-your-own-adventure style film.

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In the beginning of the movie, main character Stefan meets fellow video game developer Colin, who shows him the new project he's working on titled Nohzdyve. Now, Black Mirror fans can play this game themselves!

Eagled-eyed viewers discovered the game when noticing there's a website for Tuckersoft, the fictional game development company Stefan works with.

Nohzdyve, Black Mirror

According to NME, if you visit the site and download an "emulator for the once popular ZX Spectrum," you'll eventually be able to play the game. It may take some effort to download the needed softwareyou can also find one here.

Soon, the retro adventure will see you "plummeting down a seemingly endless gap between two buildings!"

Black Mirror Season 5

A fifth season of Black Mirror is officially upon us. While the fifth season was said to be renewed back in March, it will come as early as next year in 2019.

Additionally, many people believed that the Black Mirror special Bandersnatch was meant to stand in for a fifth season. However, insiders cleared up any confusion and confirmed that a new roster of episodes is in the works.

Bandersnatch is available to stream now. You can check out a preview for the film below!

Will you be playing Nohzdyve? Let us know in the comments!

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