The ongoing protests against police brutality in the U.S. have led to people finding any way they can to support Black people and fight against racism and injustice. Many people are hitting the streets, making donations and signing petitions. Another popular way to help is by consciously supporting Black-owned businesses

And there are few things we forever scene kids love shopping for more than over-the-top accessories. 

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We found 10 Black-owned accessory brands that are not only bringing awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement but pushing the limits of fashion with their innovative designs and products. You can check out those brands below. 

Coloring Pins

Nothing adds attitude to jackets and backpacks like enamel pins. Coloring Pins offers tons of pins about pop culture, politics and Blackness that are both unique and stylish. Some standouts include a Daria-inspired pin featuring a Black girl called Zaria, which was seen worn in Insecure on HBO, and a crying emoji sporting a bonnet. Plus, the pins usually sell for about $10, so you can afford to buy them all.


This Etsy shop specializes in hair accessories for thick, curly and natural styles that are perfect for neon goths who love colors. Make sure to check out BoutiqueDeBandeaux’s neon scrunchies and silk bonnets. The “Fruit Roll Up Chokers” are the perfect show-stopping accessory. 

Nasty Gem

If you’re obsessed with chains and spikes, Nasty Gem is your new go-to spot for all punk jewelry. You can get hardcore spiked collars, steel chokers and a spiked leather backpack that says “BRAT,” so what else could you ask for? 

Spookie Kidz 

Spookie Kidz has both a Black Lives Matter spiked choker and a Baby Yoda choker, so there’s not much else convincing needed to shop here. There’s also a huge collection of harnesses and other accessories you’ll want to check out, especially their badass grenade earrings. 


VonKreepArt is for the person who over accessorizes and never apologizes for it. The choker sets are works of art, featuring pumpkins, bloody knives and basically any other creepy subject you’d ever want to wear on a necklace. 

Elegy Clothing

Elegy makes lolita-inspired outfits, including their amazing accessories. You can get gothic-inspired bonnets, collars and bows to take your look to the next level. The shop even sells face masks featuring crosses and lace that we need to buy immediately. 

Black Widow Beauty

While Black Widow Beauty is technically a beauty brand, they make false eyelashes that are an accessory of their own because they make a statement. Plus, they come in coffins which are totally on-brand for us. 


This Etsy shop has every accessory for the person that likes to stand out. First off, their phone cases feature subjects like zombie tacos and sex toys that will have people do a double-take when they see you answer a call. VickiBeWicked also sell a bunch of pins, patches and buttons featuring original artwork that you’ll want to put on everything you own. 

Penny Dreads & Wigs

Penny Dreads & Wigs does alternative wigs like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Their wigs come in tons of unique styles and they sell dreads in nearly every color. Don’t miss their clip-in bangs so you can really mix up your look on a regular basis. 

In Control Clothing

Aside from their huge catalog of clothing, In Control has a massive selection of accessories that go from pastel to punk. They have everything you need from fishnets to barbed wire necklaces to alien backpacks. Beware, you will probably go overboard on your first order, but you’re bound to love everything you get.