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15 Black-owned businesses you can support through Instagram

Instagram just announced the addition of a “Black-owned” tag that business accounts based in the U.S. can add to their profile.

According to Instagram, “last summer through fall, there were over 1.3 million Instagram posts in support of ‘Black-owned’ or ‘Black-led’ businesses.” In addition, the number of businesses that put “Black-owned” or “Black-led” in their Instagram bio increased by over 50%.

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Not only will this new feature allow businesses the chance to further identify themselves and their brands, but Instagram also says the Shop section of the app will be able to highlight ones that use the identifier. 

Whether you’re looking for some new clothes, accessories, makeup or even roller skates and skateboards, there are Instagram stores that have everything to satisfy your alternative style needs.

Here are 15 Black-owned alternative stores you can browse through, directly buy from and support.

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Proper Gnar


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Love skateboarding but wish you could find more unique board designs? Look no further than Proper Gnar. This shop has designs ranging from fresh patterns to detailed portrait drawings. They also have shirts, hoodies and prints with rad designs.

Glam Goth Beauty


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Glam Goth Beauty has the coolest makeup products, including Harley Quinn-inspired lipstick and various other products with a Halloween feel. You can also find a holographic glitter eyeshadow that pairs with your specific astrological sign. Even better is the fact that this store is completely vegan and cruelty-free.

Black Widow Beauty

If you’re on the lookout for deathly dramatic eyelashes, Black Widow Beauty is here for you. All of its products also have creative names such as “Haunted,” “Melancholy” and “Nevermore.” The icing on top of the emo cake is that your purchase will be packaged in a little black coffin.

Dark Jasmine

Dark Jasmine is your destination for grunge and gothic fits. Spotlighting ripped fishnets, the store also has an array of clothes, from dark pieces to more sleek, sexy finds. You can even get a hand-stitched bat face mask to perfectly accessorize any outfit you wear. 

Coloured Raine

With a huge arsenal of lip colors, everything from nude shades to a reflective blue gloss, Coloured Raine offers plenty of options for your wildest alt-makeup dreams. They also have a multitude of eyeshadow palettes with many vibrant colors. Whether you’re going for a bold statement or something more low-key to let your outfit shine, this shop has the ideal makeup product to match.

Shop Berthaux


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Shop Berthaux blends goth and punk styles together for an edgy storefront with everything you didn’t think you needed until now. Spider leg warmers, laced-up velvet heart bags and gothic miniskirts are just a few of the unique products this store has to offer.

Mysteek Naturals

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair without the worry of ruining it and being unable to fix it? Mysteek Naturals has you covered with its temporary Color Pop hair dye. Not only will the dye not harm your hair like bleach and other dyes, but the vibrant color will show up on all shades, not just pre-lightened hair.

The Berry Shop


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The Berry Shop has products ranging from heavy-duty chokers to kawaii patches and mini accessories. They also have a kawaii goth shimmery eyeshadow palette with a range of colors that will perfectly complement whatever outfit you put together.

Nasty Gem


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Nasty Gem is the place to get your fill of spiked chokers, backpacks, bracelets and more. Offering a collection of spikes that come in different shapes and sizes, there’s something for everyone. The prices also range from more affordable products to higher-end luxuries for the truly dedicated spike lovers.

Sabaa Goods


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If you’re looking for stylish hats to accessorize your outfits, look no further than Sabaa Goods. Whether you want classic reversible black vegan leather or a more colorful option to spruce up a fit, this store has a range of styles to choose from that will complement alternative-style fashion to perfection.

Shine By SD Cosmetics

Expressing yourself through makeup is an important part of alternative subcultures. Shine By SD Cosmetics specializes in eyeshadow, with an enormous catalog of colors. From the darkest of darks to the brightest of brights, there are palettes and individual pots waiting for you to experiment with and create art on your eyelids.



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Everyone can always use more accessories in their wardrobe, and there’s no better place to shop than Filosophy. This shop has precious gem necklaces, gold-plated gems and the occasional quirky chili pepper pendant. If you prefer gold jewelry, this is the place to acquire some neat and unique accessories.

Moonlight Roller


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With Moonlight Roller, you’ll never have to wear generic community roller skates ever again. Instead, this shop has crafted the perfect alternative-style roller skates. Available in colors such as deep purple, emerald green and more, these skates will make you the center of attention next time you go skating.



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A commonly overlooked part of any outfit is the belt. Àshabi has you covered with its unique beaded clip belts. Even better, you can also purchase a matching beaded handbag purse for your outfit.

Johnny Nelson Jewelry

Johnny Nelson Jewelry has some of the most unique gold jewelry for sale. These distinctive designs include black panthers, power fists and more. He even reimagined Mount Rushmore with Black history pioneers as well as influential hip-hop artists for two different ring designs.