The worldwide awareness in support of the Black Lives Matter movement has significantly changed consumers' shopping habits. Especially in the realm of alternative fashion. Fortunately, there are a number of Black-owned beauty brands supplying the goods to keep you looking fierce. Sure, many makeup aficionados are familiar with lines like Beauty Bakerie and Rihanna's Fenty Beauty cosmetics. But we're thinking there are a lot of brands you haven't heard about. This special APTV video should change that.

These beauty brands range in sizes and regions, be they regional or international. The most important thing is that their products will amplify any kind of alternative aesthetic look. You need to look good waving your freak flag the hardest at an EDM festival. The entire goth subculture is always in a constant state of flux. And there's always somebody identifying as emo who will want to experiment with their look. These companies offer a limitless array of possibilities.

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Whatever scene you participate in, there are Black-owned beauty brands who have the products to keep you looking stunning. There are color palates, lashes and extensions that are positively innovative compared to what you'll see in department stores. (Did we mention bath bombs?) Most of these products are both vegan and cruelty-free, two characteristics that carry weight in various music subcultures.

In a community where DIY ethics are encouraged, these Black-owned beauty brands are giving it their all. We're all familiar with those big cosmetic companies leering at us in high-end fashion mags and billboards.  When you're able to spend conscientiously on great products and look killer, it's a win-win. That is truly a goal for creators and consumers to strive for.