Several brands such as Lush UK and Dolls Kill are being boycotted, meaning many individuals in support of Black Lives Matter are looking for new businesses to patronize. We already discovered some Black-owned gothic and kawaii fashion brands, so we found beauty brands that support the lifestyle as well.

Many makeup users and beauty gurus are familiar with Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and the Beauty Bakerie at Ulta, but there are so many cosmetics companies out there to explore. 

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These beauty brands range from small and regional to international. Across the board, they all want to make you look and feel fabulous with colorful palettes and bubbly bath bombs. Here are 15 unique brands that work well with alternative aesthetics.


CiAyeTea has everything you need for a relaxing spa day with a wide array of cute, cruelty-free bath bombs, bar soaps and jelly soaps. In fact, the store is the “one-stop shop for all your kawaii bath needs.” Some fun bath bomb shapes include cat paws, skulls and UwU faces. In the past, CiAyeTea shared Pokémon and Animal Crossing collections. It even offers a special 18-plus section where you can purchase adult-themed bath products. 

Black Widow Beauty

If you want dark, thick eyelashes and black lips, Black Widow Beauty has you covered. All of your fake eyelash sets will arrive in their own coffin-shaped case. Beyond that, founder Paris Monet created a whole eye and lip collection inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. While she’s currently out of all eyelash products, she’s announcing a restock soon. 

Wikked Cosmetics

For parties, raves and concerts, Wikked Cosmetics will outfit you with all the glitter you could need with their Holo Glitz Gels. All glitter gels are vegan and cruelty-free but not biodegradable, so wear responsibly. They also have a vibrant eyeshadow palette, neon powders and colorful lip scrubs. 

Bathroom Cult

Bathroom Cult makes “darkly inspired soap and self-care” for witches and goths. You can find soap in the shape of a headstone on sale at the site, as well as darkly colored artisan soaps named “Styx” and “Death At Sea.” You will also find cute bath bombs with the moon, the sun and a little lamb. While you’re on the site, you can grab a “100% That Witch” or “Not Today Satan” sticker. 

Mocha P Beauty

Mocha P Beauty specializes in anime-inspired lip glosses and even sells lip gloss kits where you can make your own at home. She also has a “Waifu” palette with muted nude shades and pans of bright pink and shimmery gold. Founder Mocha Princesa also broadcasts her entrepreneurial process on YouTube, too. 

JD Glow Cosmetics

If your aesthetic is a glowy and moody fairy princess, JD Glow Cosmetics is a company fully embracing that vibe. Best friend duo and founders Jennifer Clifton and Deandra Craig have become popular in the beauty world for their shiny, smooth highlighters and eye-popping neon eyeshadows. 

Foxie Cosmetics

Not only is Foxie Cosmetics owned and operated entirely by Kayla Phillips, but every product is also entirely vegan. Phillips shares that she’s “guided by an artistic eye, a love of skin, veganism and a drive for aiding chronic pain.” She sells bath salts, facial cleansers, shampoo bars and more with the intention to heal aching muscles. She’s currently relaunching her store with only a handful of products available. Keep checking back for new items. As an added bonus, Phillips is also in the hardcore scene and currently works on her project Pulsatile Tinnitus


The cosmetologist behind Pixistics wants Black women to feel empowered with bold, colorful braids and hair jewelry. This alt hair shop offers full made-to-order braided wigs, as well as braid extensions. Plus, she creates accessories that users can cuff onto their hair. Shapes include gummy bears, unicorns, bats and much more. 

People Of Color Beauty

You don’t have to go to a nail salon for a good manicure. This brand makes “Nail polish for People Of Color and those who live in color.” From the nude “Bronzed Beauty” all the way to the fiery “Soul Glo” orange, you’ll surely find the right polish. 


KNC BEAUTY is on a mission to soften your lips and brighten your under eyes. You can purchase five for $25 collagen-infused lip masks alongside their “SUPABALM” lip balm with rose or mint scents. For those vampires and night owls who may need a refresher on early mornings, you can try their retinol eye mask. 

Glam Goth Beauty

You’ll come across unapologetically bold lashes to complete your deadly gothic makeup looks at this store. Glam Goth Beauty also offers a wide variety of loose glitters, from light shimmers to brooding black sparkles. One standout product is the “7 Deadly Sins” palette, “designed for the sinners and the saints.” Though it’s currently sold out, keep your eyes out for this super-pigmented palette when it’s restocked. 

The Crayon Case

If you want to feel nostalgic and play with vibrant looks reminiscent of your Crayola and RoseArt days, head over to the Crayon Case. They offer a variety of colorful products with cute names that fit the brand. Instead of setting powder, the product is called “chalk dust,” and it comes in several shades. You can even get pencil-themed makeup tools and “loose leaf” makeup wipes. Of course, your eyeshadow palettes will also resemble a box of crayons with several hues to make your face a work of art. 


If you’re tired of dark red lip colors, try 127East. This small business specialty lipstick shop offers liquid lipsticks in bright teals and deep purples to make your pucker stand out more. Each product ranges from $5-$20. You can even grab a “CBD Lip Shine” while you’re at it. 


If there’s one thing punks and emo kids can rock, it’s bold lips and eyes. After you’ve hit the venues and the bars, you should remove your makeup. When using certain makeup wipes, it’s easy to feel guilty as it’s convenient but bad for the environment. With LAUREN NAPIER makeup wipes, you don’t have to worry about that. These wipes are biodegradable, recyclable and not tested on animals. You can purchase them in packs of five, 15, 50 or receive a subscription pack every six weeks. 

Coloured Raine

There’s no doubt about it: Coloured Raine eyeshadow palettes, highlighters and lipsticks will make you pop with vivid, powerful shades. Brooklyn-born CEO and founder Loraine R. Dowdy has a rainbow of colors ready for romantic occasions all the way to big raves and parties. Her glitter matte lipstick is a must-try product that will stay on and look fun all night (and even into the morning if you forget to use a makeup wipe).