Black Veil Brides are already spilling secrets about their next full-length album.

In a new interview, Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson reveals that the band's next release may be a concept album like 2013's Wretched and Divine. As well, the band already have half a dozen songs written for the new album.

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After much anticipation, Black Veil Brides just debuted their re-record Re-Stitch These Wounds on July 31. For the new record, the band revisited their debut album We Stitch These Wounds for its 10-year anniversary. Re-Stitched These Wounds features re-workings of the album's 12 songs.

Now, Black Veil Brides are already hard at work on their next full-length album. Back in May, we learned that BVB were simultaneously starting production on their next record while preparing to release Re-Stitch These Wounds. At the time, however, the band kept information regarding BVB6 under lock and key.

Now, Jinxx is spilling some major secrets about what fans can expect to hear on the highly-anticipated new album. During an interview with My Global Mind, Jinxx reveals that the next LP might be a concept album like 2013's Wretched and Divine.

"I can't talk too about what we envision for the next album, but we are revisiting the idea of another concept record like we did with Wretched And Divine," he says. "It would be fun to do another concept CD, but we'll see how things pan out."

As well, Jinxx shares that the band already have half a dozen songs written for this next record.

"We have been writing up a storm," he continues. "We have six solid songs written and we are still writing."

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Following the Re-Stitch These Wounds album release livestream performance on Aug. 1, the band returned to the studio to continue working on their next album. As Jinxx shares, Black Veil Brides are creating the entire album themselves.

"We have been doing it all ourselves," he shares. "Jake [Pitts] will be producing it, and we are tracking vocals and guitars at his studio. I'm recording the strings at my studio."

Due to coronavirus, Black Veil Brides have had to do things a little differently this time around. Jinxx reveals that the time apart while in quarantine has led to a slew of new inspirations for this next LP.

"With COVID going on, we have all been quarantined and working at home, but when we do get together, it's just us and maybe our wives," he continues. "When we are all in the same room bouncing ideas off each other, it's a never-ending flood of inspiration and ideas. I'm excited for fans to hear what we are coming up with."

2018 marked the release of Vale, the last full-length album from Black Veil Brides. The LP features 12 tracks including "Wake Up" and "The Outsider."

In 2019, BVB released the two-song EP The Night. Following its release, Andy Biersack said in an interview with Alternative Press that the band enjoy writing music with this duology concept in mind. With the two-song singles, Black Veil Brides can deliver new music with greater intimacy instead of going through the time-consuming process of creating a full-length album. Biersack shared that the band might compile several duologies into a full LP in the future.

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