Black God

Black God EP

Much the same way that Drive Like Jehu were reconstituted—sort of—as Hot Snakes, three-fourths of Louisville’s hardcore powerhouse Black Cross have reunited as Black God. (The band’s name even seems to be a mashup of Black Cross and By The Grace Of God, one of singer Rob Pennington’s former outfits.) But that isn’t the only similarity between Black God and Hot Snakes. On their self-titled debut 7-inch, Pennington and his crew—which includes Coliseum frontman Ryan Patterson and Young Widows bassist Nick Thieneman—devour their way through six tracks of short, sharp, rock-slathered post-hardcore. “Fundamental Headwalker” is a minute-and-a-half salvo of snarling belligerence and skinned-knuckled riffs that sets the pace for the storm to follow. But just like Hot Snakes, Black God turn fury and angst into high-fives and birthday cake. As pissed as songs like “Partisan” and “No Channels” get, they come on like party anthems. (A beatdown party, but still.) By the time the charred, churning “Reach” hits the end of its rope, it’s enough to make you forget these guys are grizzled vets rather than brash, cocky newcomers.

No Idea

“Fundamental Headwalker”