Black God, the Louisville, Kentucky group featuring members of Coliseum, Young Widows and By The Grace Of God, has released a new video for "Everyone's A Friend." The band spoke about the song in our recent track-by-track feature:

"Man, my favorite part of this song is Nick's back up vocals during the chorus. He is such a great singer and I just love the rich tones in his voice. We write songs so fast, I don't often think about back up vocals until recording. We asked Nick to wing it and he killed it. This song describes my growing discomfort with the sea change from face to face interaction to web-based social networks. This song is not necessarily an indictment of Facebook or any other media. I am certainly plugged in, but am also aware of a discomfort in not knowing the price I am paying for my broad connectivity."

Watch it below. The band's new EP II is out now via No Idea.