Apparently goth toilet paper is a thing you can buy

[Photo by: Amazon]

It's true: We love all things that speak to our dark-as-night souls. Goth lemonade, goth wine, goth lattes, goth ice cream—oh, and goth toilet paper.

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You might be thinking: Why would I want or need goth toilet paper? Well, we're all about making our daily lives a little extra “goth,” and toilet paper seems to be a necessary addition. (Right?)

Heck, even Waterparks' Awsten Knight thinks so:

Awsten Knight black toilet paper Instagram
[Photo by: awstenknight/Instagram]

So now you might be thinking, “Well, I've never seen this at a store. Where can I pick it up?”

Thanks to the internet, it's easy. Simply drop $16.99 on Amazon to add a little goth to your bathroom. And if you pick up that goth bath bomb, too? You're totally set.

You can thank us later.

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