One fateful night at a random Los Angeles party, Black Veil Brides began to sew the seeds of what they would become—unbeknownst to them, and especially to drunken Andy Biersack who was wrestling pool toys at the time.

Dating all the way to Biersack’s early teenage years in Cincinnati when he first met Jinxx, the five guys began tightening their web of disjointed temporary encounters until they finally came together through mutual friends, sporadic meetings and living in a very “small world” alternative scene.

Learn about their lives prior to BVB, their various meetings and how drummer C.C. played hard to get.

“When we first met C.C. he was giving his poker face,” says bassist Ashley Purdy.  “He’s like, ‘I’m not joining your band. I’m going to drum for Avenged Sevenfold.’ Like, ‘Okay, dude.’”

Eventually, the reluctant C.C. became one of the most enthusiastic members of the band, which appears to be a tighter unit than ever now.

“What we have now is that we’ve found a lineup and we’ve stayed together for five years as this band,” says Biersack. “I really feel like this band wouldn’t exist without the five members.”