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BLACKPINK unleash "Pink Venom," Harry Styles meets Nardwuar and more

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BLACKPINK’s triumphant return

Global titans BLACKPINK have unleashed “Pink Venom,” the lead single from their much-anticipated second album, BORN PINKThe accompanying music video is eclectic and full of life, with each member getting a chance to shine. Check it out below.

Harry Styles went through the Nardwuar interview experience

The latest Harry Styles interview is here, and it’s nothing short of entertaining. At Coachella, the “As It Was” singer answered a handful of questions about Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell, and also divulged his love of parsnips? “My mum’s friend Louise grows parsnips, and they’re huge,” Styles told the Canadian interviewer. “I do like parsnips.” He also left with a ton of swag.

Björk is going “biological techno” with new album Fossora

After five years, Icelandic queen Björk is returning with a new record that she explained in an interview with the Guardian would be her “mushroom album.” She went a step further to say it’s “biological techno.” Sounds trippy, right?