We've all had those awkward dating app conversations we would love to erase from our memories forever. Now, this blink-182's fan cringeworthy Bumble conversation truly makes our dating app encounters seem a little more bearable.

One blink-182 fan decided to show off his musical taste by quoting some lyrics from "Josie" on his profile. The result, as you'd expect, didn't exactly go down that well.

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Dating apps are all about showing strangers on the internet who you are. While most share photos with their friends or pets on their profiles, some go the musical route and highlight their favorite artists.

One particular blink-182 listener on Bumble is clearly a fan of 1997's Dude Ranch. He included the lyrics "and she doesn't get all jealous when I hang out with the guys" from "Josie" on his profile. The move was likely in efforts to spot other blink and pop-punk fans on the app. However, the lyrics ended up being the subject of a truly cringe-worthy conversation.

After matching with a woman on the app, the blink-182 fan was seemingly called out for the words on his profile.

"Have you ever considered that 'time with the guys' is sometimes in fact a cover for bullshit," the Bumble girl asks. "And the way to make a woman comfortable is for her to meet these guys at some point."

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The blink-182 fan was clearly caught off guard by the remark and tried to smooth things over.

"Any woman I date is welcome to hang around my friends at any point. I typically welcome it once we get past the initial getting to know each other phase."

The girl, however, wasn't convinced. She then questions the blink-182 fan on why "time with the guys" is so important he has it on his profile.

"Then why has it been such an issue that it is in your profile?"

At this point, the blink-182 fan realizes that she doesn't recognize the lyrics. Rather than unmatch with her like many probably would've done in this situation, he clarifies the "Josie" lyrics to her.

"It's a quote from a blink-182 song LMAO."

The girl realizes the mistake she has made and quickly tries to fix the situation.

"I SEE IT NOW OKAY defend women mode exited."

However, it seems like the damage has been done. Clearly, the blink-182 fan hasn't found his pop-punk match just yet. Of course, the entire conversation was shared on Reddit so we can all truly suffer from secondhand embarrassment.

Not a Blink fan apparently from r/Blink182

Stream blink-182's "Josie" below.

What is the worst conversation you've ever had on Bumble? Would you have recognized the blink-182 lyrics? Let us know in the comments below.