Earlier this summer, blink-182 embarked on a massive tour with rapper Lil Wayne and supporting band Neck Deep. Two weeks into the tour, the internet was aflame after Lil Wayne walked off stage and made comments leading the audience to believe he was quitting the tour.

Now, blink-182 are clarifying the incident and sharing nothing but praise for their fellow artist and his hard work.

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To backtrack, the tour hit Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia in July where several fans reported that Lil Wayne played approximately four tracks for a 20-minute set before quitting and walking off stage.

It was also stated there was a weather alert for the area. With a bad storm rolling through, this reportedly affected the turnout and the lateness.

A little over 12 hours after the rapper's alleged exit, he clarified that he would be remaining on the tour run.

Lil Wayne pulled from a few more stops following the incident due to multiple reasons including
sicknesspolice involvement

Now, in a recent interview with KROQ, blink-182 have opened up about touring with the rapper and clarified the details regarding the night he walked off stage.

When asked, "How much of a nightmare was Lil Wayne?" the band immediately jumped to the rapper's defense.

"He was awesome," Mark Hoppus replies. "He was awesome, his band was amazing, his whole crew, everybody. It was so fun all summer long."

Hoppus, Matt Skiba and Travis Barker go on to explain that Lil Wayne always had a reason for not being able to perform, so they never found any of the incidents frustrating in the slightest.

Barker adds, "The one day where he walked off stage, he had said, ‘I just felt like they didn’t like me,' so he walked off stage… ‘I didn’t want to put them through it. I just wanted you guys to be able to get on and do your thing.’”

You can watch the full interview below with the discussion of Lil Wayne kicking in at the 5-minute mark.

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