Especially in their early days, blink-182 were known for throwing out the occasional unconventional song name and album title. From puns some of us still don't realize are puns to titles we would never say around our grandparents, blink-182 took their unique ideas and really ran with it.

Now, it looks like blink-182 almost added another unconventional album title to their discography.

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This week, former blink-182 member Tom DeLonge dropped a major secret about one of the band's past albums. On Monday, the Angels & Airwaves frontman took to Twitter to reveal that blink-182 almost gave one of their LPs a very different name.

Vasectomy Vasecta-you

While Vasectomy Vasecta-you didn't end up making the cut, the album title falls closely in line with the album name pun of Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. Even though DeLonge doesn't say which of their albums was almost called Vasectomy Vasecta-you, it likely would've been one of their early albums. As we all remember, DeLonge announced his departure from the trio in 2015.

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Although we may never know which album was almost called Vasectomy Vasecta-you, blink-182 and DeLonge still have plenty of other throwbacks in store. DeLonge is currently working on his new sci-fi film Monsters Of California. The project marks his directorial debut and is based on a script created by DeLonge and Ian Miller.

The film follows teenager Dallas Edwards (Jack Samson) and his friends who are on a quest to find the meaning behind a series of paranormal events in Southern California. During their journey, they begin to uncover secrets and truths about paranormal activity. Eventually, their discoveries lead back to the deepest levels of the American Government.

Back in October, DeLonge revealed that his early days in blink-182 inspired some of the material found in Monsters Of California. According to DeLonge, fans can expect to be "in tears" over some blink-182 jokes found in the film.

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As well, Mark Hoppus, Matt Skiba and Travis Barker are currently working on their follow-up to NINE. The EP was originally set to arrive this summer after the debut of “Quarantine.” However, those plans quickly changed.

Hoppus confirmed that the new EP is set to arrive in late 2020 or early 2021. Additionally, blink-182 have been working so hard on the release that they may have enough material to make it into a full-length album. Skiba also hinted that blink-182’s new batch of songs remind him of the Enema Of The State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket eras.

Do you think blink-182 should have named one of their albums Vasectomy Vasecta-you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.