Over the past few weeks, Dunkin' has been rolling out new autumn advertisements that feature a blink-182 pun of "All The Small Things." Photos of the advertisements quickly spread online and eventually caught the attention of blink-182 who acknowledged the ads this week.

Now, TikTok user @melton.alexander has taken Dunkin's blink-182 pun to the next level and created a fall parody cover of "All The Small Things."

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includes a blink-182 punEnema of the State

Earlier this week, blink-182 themselves acknowledged the pun and shared one of the advertisements on Instagram.

Now, TikTok user @melton.alexander is taking Dunkin's pun one step further. On Wednesday, Alex shared a fall parody cover of "All The Small Things" that truly brings the blink-182 pun to life.

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For the parody cover, Alex changed the song's lyrics to "all the fall things, pumpkin coffee," referencing both the advertisement as well as the popular seasonal drink. The TikTok has already been liked over 25,000 times and truly makes us wish there was a full version of the song to hear.

@melton.alexander##dunkindonuts I see what you did ##blink182 ##allthefallthings ##poppunk ##icedcoffeecheck ##dunkin ##pumpkin ##pumpkinspicelatte ##coversongs♬ original sound - melton.alexander

Dunkin's seasonal menu launched on Aug. 19 and includes tasty snacks including apple cider donuts, pumpkin munchkins and the maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich. As well, Dunkin’ has launched its first-ever Pumpkin Spice Latte. The seasonal beverage made its debut before rival Starbucks launched its own last week.

Do you want to hear a full version of Alex's "All The Fall Things" parody? Let us know in the comments below.