We're a little bit early, but who cares? Enema Of The State, the 1999 release from pop-punk royalty blink-182, will soon be 21. (June 1 to be exact.) Our new APTV video breaks down all the reasons for its continued greatness. And let's be honest: It wasn't a stretch to pull it off. With over 15 million copies sold worldwide, it's apparent that owning this record is a rite of pop-punk passage.

There are so many aspects to the longevity of Enema. From the old-school way it was recorded to the videos the band filmed to promote it. It may very well be the last record a parent has ever admonished their offspring for playing. Those children grew up to be parents who allowed their kids to go Warped Tour. Hell, they probably went with them and didn't spend nine seconds in the Reverse Daycare tent.

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Enema Of The State is more than just a pop-punk album. It is an everlasting document chronicling the thoughts richocheting in teenage skulls in the throes of pre-millennial tension. We lay it all out for you in no uncertain terms. Skate culture, dumb jokes, awkwardness and some genuine sadness. It's all in the details.

Oh, and a message for you haters. We know you patently refuse to acknowledge the social ramifications behind blink-182's game-changing, genre-defining album. You can argue that the same 20 reasons we cited for its brilliance is the evidence why it sucks. Well, here's a secret. We used to do a video series called "Off The Wall." Bands visiting our office would look at all the framed issues we had on our wall. They'd pick their first issue of AltPress and talk about it on camera. So many bands picked our first blink-182 over similarly influential bands, we had to stop doing the segment. So take that, clownshoes. You'll just have to wait two more years to be on the "right" side of history...