Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins has launched his new podcast Pass Through Frequencies. For the first episode, he is joined by blink-182's Mark Hoppus where they discuss both of their bands' early days.

During the interview, Hoppus opens about the beginning of blink-182's career and their early albums. As well, he shares how a "happy accident" in the studio inspired one particular part in "Feeling This."

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Hoppus reveals during his discussion with Adkins that blink-182's 2003 self-titled album was a big turning point for the band. Prior to the self-titled LP, the band weren't given a lot of time in the studio or a big budget.

"When we first started out," he says. "Obviously, we couldn't afford studio time so we had to have everything written and planned out before we went into the studio. We did that for Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, pretty much Enema Of The State and Take Off Your Pants And Jacket."

For the 2003 album, however, things changed. blink-182 were given a larger budget and more time to work on the record. As Hoppus shares, the experience was very educational for the trio and led to growth as both songwriters and musicians.

"When we got to the untitled record, we were like, 'well we don't have any songs written. We just want to go into the studio and start throwing ideas around and catching things and seeing what happens,'" Hoppus says. "That was a great education for the three of us. We really spent time breaking songs down, making things weird and agonizing every single element of a song."

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Hoppus further reveals that the 2003 album took blink-182 over a year to write. As well, it ultimately cost a million dollars to make, an amount that Hoppus says is "just ridiculous now."

While recording the album in the studio, blink-182 initially struggled to create an ending for "Feeling This." Eventually, a "happy accident" inspired the trio to complete the song as it sounds today.

"When we were recording the untitled record," Hoppus continues. "The first single off of that was a song called 'Feeling This.' At the end, there's this six-part harmony with different calls and responses. That was just a total happy accident in the studio where we were getting to the end of the song and composing it and trying to figure out the different sections and stuff. Our engineer accidentally automated a fade and left off the vocals so all of the music faded out and the vocals were still doing this harmony thing. We were like, 'that's really cool, let's expand on that.'"

In the podcast episode, Hoppus further discusses blink-182's experiences working with various producers including John Feldmann. He also reveals just how Jimmy Eat World's music has influenced blink-182.

blink-182 are releasing their new song "Quarantine" on Friday, Aug. 7. As well, Travis Barker recently revealed that a new blink EP is on the way along with a collaboration with Juice WRLD.

Mark Hoppus and Jim Adkins' full interview and the "Feeling This" video are available to watch below.

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