blink-182's management company will be going to court to settle the $500,000 lawsuit against them from Fyre Festival.

The festival is attempting to win back the $14.4 million they originally paid to the lineup and influencers. Some of the agencies have decided to settle, while others are taking the festival to court.

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In case you need a refresher on the Fyre Festival lawsuits, here's a quick rundown.

According to Variety, the trustee in the Fyre Festival bankruptcy filed multiple lawsuits on Wednesday trying to get back funds for investors of the event.

One of those lawsuits involves blink-182 and the return of the $500,000 paid to the band who were set to headline the event.

They were scheduled to play the festival in 2017 but canceled both their performances for logistical issues. At the time, the band said they weren’t confident they’d have adequate resources to provide fans with a quality show.

The trustee was also seeking $275,000 that Kendall Jenner received in exchange for doing an Instagram post to promote the festival. Model Emily Ratajkowski has a lawsuit filed against her for a reason similar to Jenner’s in the amount of $300,000.
Now, attorney Fred Stevens and Fyre Fest trustee Gregory Messer have been appointed to get back the money owed to the festival.
A few talent agencies like Paradigm and IMG are currently in negotiations with Messer. Others such as blink-182's agency, Creative Arts Agency, are going to court to settle the suit.
"Blink-182 had already been paid $500,000 when it canceled at the last minute. The band has retained those funds," Stevens writes in the lawsuit against CAA. "In its cancellation tweet, the band did not disclose to its fans and others any of the problems that it was having with Fyre Festival and its management, or that the Festival appeared to be in serious trouble."
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Messer is also suing the CAA for the $60,000 paid to Claptone, $25,000 paid to Bedouin. He is also seeking the $90,000 paid to Skepta.

Messor is suing Fyre Fest founder Billy McFarland who Stevens says spent $315,645 of investor funds. Most of it was spent on hotel stays, a luxury apartment, entertainment and more.

Fyre Media, who was responsible for the majority of the transfers, is also being sued for "reckless spending."

"Significant amounts were recklessly spent in continuation of McFarland’s schemes," Stevens writes in the suit. "Musical acts that never showed up, $2.25 million to influencers that promoted the Festival on social media without indicating to their followers and the public that they were paid for promoting the Festival (including $275,000 to Kendall Jenner for a single social media post)."

What do you think will be the result of the Fyre Festival lawsuit against blink-182? Let us know in the comments below!

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