UPDATE: NOV. 19, 6:15 P.M. EST

Late-night talk show host James Corden sparked quite a debate today when he claimed Americans are saying blink-182 wrong. Mark Hoppus replied by saying the real crime is that the band’s name should always begin with a lowercase “B.”

Now, it looks like former blink vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge is tossing in his two cents.

This is like “the dress” all over again.


How do you say blink-182's band name? While we always figured a simple "blink one-eighty-two" was correct, it seems those across the pond often pronounce the act's digits as "one-eight-two." But, wait, that's not the end of this pickle! Because television's James Corden is dropping in with his own baffling blink band name verbalization.

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"Don't start this," proposes the TV host. "I admit we are wrong on this. America calls them Blink One eighty two. Which is also wrong. They technically should be called Blink one hundred and eighty two. Don't take some moral high ground here."

And the Late Late Show With James Corden namesake's surely tongue-in-cheek diction lesson comes on the heels of another entertainer's blink-182 elocution announcement: Comedian Ian Karmel kicked off the riff that Corden picked up on.

Of course, blink fans may remember the group only appended their epithet with a number when an Irish band called "Blink" staked their claim to the name as the San Diego pop-punkers were on the come-up. But we're sure Corden knows that.

How do you say blink-182's name? Sound off in the comments!

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