In 2019, nostalgia is king and blink-182 are proving that point with a new website they've created spoofing Myspace for their upcoming album NINE.

The band announced the mock website on their Instagram account today and it's got everything you miss about the social media platform.

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The band's post says "RIP myspace ⚰️ but our NINEspace lives on. Check it out and maybe we'll add you in our Top 9 you filthy animals ?"

Upon clicking the website, you're greeted with music obnoxiously autoplaying just like it's the early 2000's again.

Under blink's list of 200,000 some odd friends, the first to pop up is, of course, Myspace Tom, complete with that iconic photo of his.

The rest of the displayed friends include Plus 44, Alkaline TrioSimple CreaturesLil WayneNeck DeepAll Time LowTransplants and Simple Plan.

Noticeably omissions though are Tom DeLonge, Angels and Airwaves and Box Car Racer.

The entire site is a pretty well thought out dedication to their upcoming record, with the last login set as the release date.

You can also download backgrounds, follow their Spotify playlist, pre-save their album and more on the site. Even the "forward to a friend" function looks like a throwback despite linking to Facebook and Twitter share functions.

You can relive your Myspace days all over again by visiting the site here.

What do you think of blink-182's Myspace spoofing website promoting their upcoming album? Let us know in the comments below.

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