On Aug. 7, blink-182 released a video for their highly-anticipated new single "Quarantine."

The single, which was written and recorded amid the pandemic, addresses the social and political climates currently surrounding coronavirus.

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Back in May, Mark Hoppus revealed during a Twitch stream that blink-182 are already hard at work on a follow up to 2019’s NINE. Shortly after this, Travis Barker shared that they have a new song called “Quarantine” on the way. The song was originally set to be released in May, but was delayed for unknown reasons.

Finally, in July, blink-182 confirmed that a new EP will be released this year. In an interview with MTV, Barker shared that “Quarantine” is on the new EP and will be the first song released.

“We’re wrapping up what we think will be an EP that hopefully will be out by the end of summer,” Barker says. “There’s a song called ‘Quarantine’ that’s gonna come out really, really soon. It’ll be a Blink favorite. It’ll be like all our fan favorites. It’s incredible.”

On Aug. 5, the band took to social media to share the artwork for “Quarantine,” which arrived on Friday.

Along with the single's release onto streaming platforms, blink-182 also unveiled a lyric video for "Quarantine." The song was written and recorded amid the pandemic and heavily references the political opinions and health and safety regulations we've seen over the past few months.

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blink-182 specifically call out the disease in the chorus of "Quarantine" with the lyrics, "Quarantine, fuck this disease. I'd rather be on Star Tours or stuck at the DMV. Quarantine, no not for me. I thought that things were fucked up in 2019. Fuck quarantine."

Along with "Quarantine" and their forthcoming EP, Barker also shared that blink-182 have a collab with Juice WRLD on the way. The late rapper passed away suddenly in December 2019. Since his passing, various posthumous music has been released in his honor.

At this time, blink-182 have not shared a release date for their forthcoming EP. They have, however, launched limited-edition "Quarantine" merchandise. The merch includes a blink-182 logo face mask, mesh shorts and more. Head here to check out all of the items.

blink-182 are also nominated for two Video Music Awards. Their socially-distant video for "Happy Days" is nominated in the Best Video From Home category. The song is also nominated for Best Rock Song. You can cast your vote for this year's MTV VMAs here.

The "Quarantine" video is available to watch below.

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