See the setlist from first night of blink-182’s 2023 reunion tour with Tom DeLonge

After their triumphant performance at both weekends of Coachella last month, blink-182 roused a ton of excitement for their reunion tour with Tom DeLonge. Not only does the run mark the first time Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and DeLonge will tour together since 2014, but the pop-punk trio also promised that there’s a new album on the way (Barker confirmed that it would be finished before they hit the road). During their reunion tour kickoff in St. Paul, Minnesota, blink-182 played tons of classics (“Dumpweed,” “Down,” “Aliens Exist”) as well as songs from their time with Matt Skiba (“Cynical,” “Bored to Death”). They even pulled out the Enema of the State cut “Adam’s Song,” which the band hadn’t played with DeLonge since 2009.

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Check out the setlist from their reunion tour kickoff below, courtesy of

blink-182’s May 5, 2023 setlist

“Anthem Part Two”
“The Rock Show”
“Family Reunion”
“Man Overboard”
“Feeling This”
“Reckless Abandon”
“Dysentery Gary”
“Up All Night”
(First time live since 2016, first time with Tom since 2014)
“Aliens Exist”
(First time with Tom)
“Don’t Leave Me”
“Happy Holidays, You Bastard”
“Stay Together for the Kids”
“Bored to Death”
(First time with Tom)
“I Miss You”
“Adam’s Song”
(First time with Tom since 2009)
“Ghost on the Dancefloor”
(First time live since 2014)
“What’s My Age Again?”
“First Date”
(with Ramones “Pinhead” intro sang by Mark and “Blitzkrieg Bop” intro sang by Tom)
“All the Small Things”
(With Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby” tease)