The members of blink-182 probably have more side projects combined than any other band, and we absolutely love them all. With Mark Hoppus recently contemplating the possibility of a +44 reunion, we’re taking a look back.

From side-project-turned-main-act Angels & Airwaves to Simple Creatures and Box Car Racer, there’s no shortage of tracks from Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker that we jam out to on the regular. 

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Because there are so many overlapping projects, it’s sometimes hard to remember which bands performed which songs. Test your knowledge of all the blink-182 side projects with this lyric quiz below.

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My Chemical Romance finally getting back together makes anything seem possible. With blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus telling us it was bound to happen, his vague comments about +44 are giving us hope.

Heading to Australia with his other side project Simple Creatures, Hoppus and counterpart Alex Gaskarth hit Good Things Festival in early December. While there, they sat down with Wall Of Sound to talk all things Simple Creatures and more.

Before Simple Creatures debuted at the beginning of last year, Hoppus was best known for another side project in +44. Back in 2005, blink-182 announced an indefinite hiatus, leading to Tom DeLonge pursuing Angels & Airwaves and Hoppus recruiting Travis Barker for +44. The duo also brought along guitarists Shane Gallagher and Craig Fairbaugh.

+44 released one album in 2006, When Your Heart Stops Beating, featuring scene favorites in the title track, “Make You Smile” and “Baby Come On.” The band played two U.S. tours, the last of which was the Honda Civic tour with Fall Out Boythe Academy Is…, Paul Wall and Cobra Starship in the summer of 2007.

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blink-182 reunited in 2009, and while AVA continued on, +44 went their separate ways. With the band releasing their debut on vinyl in 2015, questions were bound to arise.

In 2017, Hoppus held a Twitter Q&A, taking on one fan’s question about another album or reunion. In a since-deleted response, Hoppus states, “No plans as of right now, but we’ll never say never.”

Following talk of a theoretical side project tour, Hoppus is at it again with the same “never say never” sentiment. While speaking with Wall Of Sound, the outlet brings up the influx of reunions between MCR and Rage Against The Machine, asking, “Would +44 ever play a show together again?”

“Maybe, I would never say never,” Hoppus offers. “But I haven’t talked with [former members] Shane [Gallagher] or Craig [Fairbaugh] in years. I think they have moved on in their lives, and we’re in a different place.”

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Since parting ways, Fairbaugh had a brief stint with Juliette Lewis-led Juliette And The Licks in 2009. Gallagher’s last noted project was an acoustic act called A Death To Stars.

Despite not talking to former members outside of Barker, Hoppus further explained the album’s effect on his life.

“That album holds such a special place in my life and my memory,” he says. “The lyrics and the making of that album was a huge moment of me working through the death of blink-182 at the time, and that holds a really special place in my heart, so I would love to play it again at some point.”