blink 182 zodiac signs
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Find out which blink-182 song matches your zodiac sign

If you’re a forever scene kid at heart, then you can admit that there’s truly a blink-182 song to fit every situation.

Whether you’re going through a breakup or having an attitude toward your parents, the band have put out dozens of tracks throughout the decades that perfectly get us.

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And given that there’s a song for every situation, we decided to figure out which blink-182 classic you are based on your zodiac sign. Because who doesn’t love a little astrology?

Aries – “What’s My Age Again?”

Aries is full of adventure and down for whatever, so they can revel in acting like a child sometimes. This song is all about never growing up and never being serious, which can be relatable to an impulsive and sometimes quick-tempered Aries.

Taurus – “Blame It On My Youth”

Tauruses are best known for their stubbornness and tend to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. They would “blame it” on their youth, as long as it wasn’t their fault. They also can be pretty nostalgic and look back on the good old days, such as when they got bored and started a band with angst like blink-182.

Gemini – “First Date”

This track talks about two different people’s feelings during a first date, or it could represent the inner monologue that a Gemini would have in their head if put in the same situation. Geminis are youthful and can be nervous because they want to make an impression, just like one of the people in the song. However, they love new experiences and meeting new people, so they’d be excited as well.

Cancer – “I Miss You”

Cancers are quite emotional, and it can sometimes be to a fault. “I Miss You” is about how one person’s emotions got the best of them. It led to the end of a relationship, and that’s a situation this sign can relate to because they tend to get in their own way.

Leo – “All The Small Things”

A Leo feels loved whenever someone they care about thinks of them, such as putting roses by the stairs. They’re warm-hearted and love being affectionate toward the special people in their life. They would probably write a romantic song about a lover, much like this blink-182 anthem.

Virgo – “Dammit”

Virgos are overcritical to a fault. In fact, they’re experts at overthinking. This track is about someone realizing they’ve lost people in their life because they just didn’t mature like everyone else, and they’re being introspective about being left behind. If a Virgo has shared a similar experience, these lyrics likely look like an excerpt from their diary.

Libra – “Feeling This”

This song is about the passion behind a summer fling and going all in, even if it won’t last forever. Libras are known for being huge flirts. Their charming, easygoing and romantic personalities are the perfect combination for a summer romance straight out of a rom-com.

Scorpio – “I Really Wish I Hated You”

Scorpios are best known for their ability to seek revenge because they’re quite powerful. This track is about regret and how the narrator wants to get back together with someone even though they know they shouldn’t. A Scorpio would likely go through a similar inner conflict described in this blink-182 track. They’d have to resort to wishing that they hated someone to truly get over them because they don’t tend to end passionate relationships on a calm note.

Sagittarius – “Anthem”

Sagittariuses are independent, adventurous and tend to do exactly what they want, which can make them seem careless and irresponsible. They would probably do something like the plot of “Anthem,” which chronicles the aftermath of someone throwing a party at their parents’ house. A Sag would totally say, “No need explain the plan, no need to even bother” and just run away because who even cares, anyway?

Capricorn – “Josie”

Capricorns are perfectionists, so they’d likely treat their partner as good as “Josie” does. Also, on the flip side, a Cap would truly appreciate a partner who thought about the little things and helped them get through their busy day easier.

Aquarius – “The Rock Show”

Aquarius is the cool sign, and they can be nonchalant and unpredictable. They’d probably fall in love with someone at Warped Tour and act like a permanent teenager throughout the whole ordeal.

Pisces – “Aliens Exist”

Pisces sometimes have their head in the clouds. They’re the sign that’s most likely to ponder the meaning of life on a regular basis. They’d probably think about aliens and not care what anyone else has to think or say about it.