Were you the ultimate fan of blink-182‘s Take Off Your Pants And Jacket? If so, you’re going to be amazed and sad. If you weren’t, you’ll still be excited, nostalgic and probably less sad. One person just revealed that they found the van used in “The Rock Show” video in a junkyard. 

That’s right. The iconic gray van that the trio of Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge rode around in to give money away was found in a junkyard. 

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blink-182 delivered the follow up to Enema Of The State in 2001 with the hugely successful Take off Your Pants And Jacket. The record included hits like “Online Songs,” “First Date,” “The Rock Show,” “Stay Together For The Kids” and “Happy Holidays, You Bastard.” The record was a monumental success and is certified double-platinum in the United States. 

One of the hit singles from that blink-182 record is “The Rock Show.” Many of us dreamed to experience the lyrics firsthand in our formative years, wondering if we would ever fall in love with a girl at a rock show. Many of us did. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the accompanying music video for the song, it features Hoppus, DeLonge and Barker cruising around in a custom van handing out the money the record company gave them to shoot the video. Throw in a few scenes of the trio jamming together, dropping a car from a crane and there you have it. 

The industrial grey van that toted them around in the shoot was emblazoned with the green, red and yellow stoplight-themed logo of blink-182 and cover of the record at the time. Watch the music video below and remind yourself of how great it is. 

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Have you ever wondered what happened to that iconic van? Well, now we know. 

Coincidentally, a person in a closed blink-182 fan group on Facebook posted a picture of the van saying it is in a junkyard next to his work. It sure appears to be the van with the aforementioned colors and logos emblazoned on the side and rear. 


We know, it’s heartbreaking that such a classic piece of music memorabilia is rotting away in a junkyard. But there may be some good news. 

According to some comments on that very same Reddit thread, the man who posted the pictures ended up buying it and with plans to restore the old vehicle to its former glory. 

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So how did it end up in the junkyard to begin with? Well, one commenter says they know the answer. Reddit u/Synyster182 even throws in a potentially embarrassing story yo go along with it. 

KWOD 106.5, a radio station in Sacramento, CA somehow acquired this van with the blessing of Mark and Tom back during the TOYPAJ tour. Or the one after. Might have been after. May have been Pop Disaster with Green Day.. but they had this outside the venue. Still called Sacramento Valley Amphitheater by locals at the time. But may have been AutoWest Amphitheater when they gave it away. During the show. They gave it away to a lucky fan. Yes I did sign up. So did my mother and cousin who had a car. I did not win… But outside the venue where it was parked… I licked it… i was like really dumb and 16 at the time. But i licked that van. It used to be parked in a drive way in South Sacramento on South Watt avenue.

Whether or not the story is true is unsubstantiated as KWOD 106.5 shut down due to economic reasons in 2009. 

Anyway, if that blink-182 van is being restored then we’re all for it. If it doesn’t go in a museum, we’d love to see that thing cruising around the United States. Maybe we’d be lucky enough to get a picture. 

Tell us your favorite Take Off Your Pants And Jacket song in the comments below!

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