Last week, we reported on blink-182's van used in “The Rock Show” video being found in a junkyard and artist Rituals Of Mine are revealing some extra information giving some background on how the van ended up where it did.

They say the van was won in a contest from a local radio station but after moving for school, it ended up moving to their friend's lot.

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To backtrack, the iconic gray van that Mark HoppusTravis Barker and Tom DeLonge rode around in to give money away was found in a junkyard.

Then, a person in a closed blink-182 fan group on Facebook posted a picture of the van saying it is in a junkyard next to his work.

A person in the blink-182 Fans Facebook group found the van featured in “The Rock Show” next to his workplace! from r/Blink182

According to some comments on that thread, the man who posted the pictures ended up buying it and plans to restore the old vehicle to its former glory.

Reddit user u/Synyster182 says they entered the radio contest but did not win. 

KWOD 106.5, a radio station in Sacramento, CA somehow acquired this van with the blessing of Mark and Tom back during the TOYPAJ tour. Or the one after. Might have been after. May have been Pop Disaster with Green Day.. but they had this outside the venue. Still called Sacramento Valley Amphitheater by locals at the time. But may have been AutoWest Amphitheater when they gave it away. During the show. They gave it away to a lucky fan. Yes I did sign up. So did my mother and cousin who had a car. I did not win… But outside the venue where it was parked… I licked it… i was like really dumb and 16 at the time. But i licked that van. It used to be parked in a drive way in South Sacramento on South Watt avenue.

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Now, we're finding out the full story of how the van ended up making its way from the radio contest to the junkyard.

So, now we can confirm the van was won through a radio contest and how it ended up in a junkyard lot.

What do you think of how the blink-182 "The Rock Show" van ended up in a junkyard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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