blink-182 fans have recently caught wind of something potentially exciting. Thanks to a couple of supersleuths, fans have found out that Tom DeLonge has followed both Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker on Instagram.

The follows come after Hoppus was dared to comment on DeLonge’s recent Instagram post, “I love you, and always will,” in a Twitter Q&A.

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After this sweet interaction, fans noticed DeLonge followed his former band members.

While the aforementioned social media interactions may just be an act of rekindling rocky relationships, they come just after yesterday’s interest-peaking interview from DeLonge.

While DeLonge says he is busy with Angels & Airwaves and his space company To The Stars for now, he definitely isn’t ruling out the possibility of rejoining blink-182 just yet.

“I get it—trust me, I love blink and it’s given me everything in my life,” DeLonge says. “And, you know, I plan on doing it in the future. But right now there’s just no way—I have way too much going on because Angels & Airwaves is a part of To The Stars, and that’s why it works.”

All of this news, along with DeLonge’s recent interview, has sparked a rather large fan reaction. You can check out what fans have to say about the members’ current relationship below.

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In other heartwarming blink news, Hoppus recently shared a nostalgic photo of the three original members on Instagram earlier this week. The 1999 Polaroid photo depicts the three sporting t-shirts, sneakers and the longest shorts of all time.


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The Handsomes, circa 1999 Time to bring back these shorts.

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Additionally, DeLonge gave praise to blink-182's new song, “Blame It On My Youth,” as well as Hoppus’ side project, Simple Creatures earlier this month.

“You’ll also see the new blink song [on Spotify],” DeLonge says. “I’m super excited for those guys. It’s cool to see the evolution of their music. You’ll also see Mark’s other band, Simple Creatures. It looks like a little bit of punk rock is seeping through on the national music lovers index.”

What do you think about the original members of blink-182 rekindling their relationship? Let us know in the comments below.

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