You think you know blink-182? Yeah, you’ve caught pretty much every tour since 1997 and strum a pink Fender just like Mark Hoppus. You may even own all of their albums on vinyl, including Dogs Eating Dogs.

Plenty has been said about the trio. After 28 years of “crappy punk rock,” there are enough factoids about the band to cover a week’s worth of trivia nights. There are obvious questions such as “Who was their first drummer” or “When did the band first break up?” No, we’re going deeper. These questions are for the die-hards. 

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So we’ll ask again. Do you really know blink-182? Find out by taking the quiz below.

More on blink-182

Tony Hawk‘s highly-awaited Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater reboot was finally released earlier this month. Since its debut, fans have been showing off their clever creations within the game including one particular blink-182 fan.

A player has recreated Tom DeLonge’s iconic “First Date” character Boomer in the new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. The Pro Skater reboot gives players more control over who they play and what they look like than ever before. Now, it seems that fans are really taking advantage of all of the options available.

This week, Reddit user @crimson_APD shared their latest Pro Skater creation to the blink-182 thread and it is truly impressive. They have recreated DeLonge’s Boomer from the “First Date” music video, handlebar mustache and all. Equipped with his yellow shirt, shorts and Vans, the virtual recreation of the iconic character is spot on. Check it out here.