blink-182 are reminding fans that one of their most iconic lyrics is actually a warning, and they should've listened.

On Friday, the band shared a Twitter exchange that relates to one of their most popular Enema Of The State songs.

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blink-182 are known for engaging in social media trends with their fans. More recently, back in August, Mark Hoppus continued to confuse the internet when he brought up that misheard lyrics theory again.

As well, blink-182 recently shared Dunkin's new fall advertisement on social media. Photos quickly spread after fans realized the coffee chain slyly used a blink-182 pun for its fall menu launch and blink-182 definitely noticed.

Now, blink-182 are continuing to involve themselves in internet culture. On Friday, the band shared a Twitter exchange where two users talked about their biggest life regrets.

One Twitter user asked, "what's the dumbest thing you did as a kid?" to which another responded with "wished I was an adult."

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blink-182 used the opportunity to remind fans about a warning they gave out decades ago. The band responded to the exchange with, "tried to warn ya."

As you will all remember, "nobody likes you when you're 23" is one of blink-182's most popular lyrics. Since the release of "What's My Age Again?" in the '90s, these particular lyrics have inspired birthday cakes and self-loathing for 23-year-olds around the world.

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