Bloc Party

The Nextwave Sessions EP

Bloc Party have announced they will be taking a hiatus of the somewhat indefinite variety at the end of their touring obligations this summer, but before they go their separate ways, they’re gracing us with five new songs. The Nextwave Sessions lacks the pure aggression of Four’s best moments, but that’s not a slight; this release just showcases yet another side of the U.K.’s most interesting post-punk band. “Ratchet” is a guaranteed dancefloor banger with an elastic guitar riff and paper-thin snare drum hits, a more organic version of anything on Intimacy. “French Exit” is a jittery, stutter-stepped throwback to Silent Alarm without sounding pandering. “Obscene” and “Children Of The Future” don’t add much to the proceedings, but “Montreal” is the true highlight—a nearly five-minute track that sensually slinks and slithers, thanks to some choice guitar reverb effects and a subdued but still propulsive rhythm section.