In a large exposé published by the Huffington Post earlier today, Blood On The Dance Floor vocalist Dahvie Vanity (aka Jesus David Torres) has been accused of sexual assault by even more women.

Back in December, a total of 12 women, some who had also spoken to MetalSucks, came forward in a separate piece published by the Huffington Post. However, as Huffington Post reports, now a total of 21 women have reached out to tell their story.

As the number of women who claim to have been assaulted by Torres rises to 21, 16 of them say they were underage at the time of their encounters. The majority of the allegations share that Torres forced them to perform oral sex. Of the women that have come forward, some report that Torres wouldn’t let them stop until their “mouths bled.” The other seven women reported that Torres either molested or raped them.

As previously reported, the history of the allegations began in 2006, which is the year Priscilla Hendry, was allegedly attacked at the age of 15. Kristin Gonzalez, also 15 at the time, recently spoke with the Huffington Post, saying her separate encounter happened in the same year.

Additionally, two women who have come forward say they were 13 years old at the time of their assaults. Torres was 28 and 29 during those alleged occurrences.

According to the new Huffington Post exposé, Torres repeated a pattern of talking to young girls over the phone or online first. Then, the vocalist would reportedly take these young women to a secluded area and force them to perform sexual acts.

“He made it all seem so normal, and even came to see me twice more after [he assaulted me],” one woman says of her experience at 15. “I was a confused kid desperate for attention and had misplaced feelings for a predator. He made me feel special.”

Another anonymous woman describes a similar story. After meeting Torres when she was just 15, the woman says she convinced her mother to let her hang out with Torres when he was 25 in order to gain experience working in the music industry.

“He was a great conman,” the woman’s mother says. “He’s a charmer, and not just with the young girls—he was able to talk to me in a way that I felt safe leaving my daughter with him. That doesn’t happen very often.”

However, after working with merchandise for the evening, the woman says Torres intervened and made her perform oral sex on him.

“After it happened, I thought to myself, ‘What evidence do I have? There were no witnesses,’” the woman says. “At the end of the day I realized, at 16, that it would be my word against his.”

Huffington Post has tried to reach out to Torres for comment. However, when a reporter showed up at his house, Torres threatened to call the police.

You can read the entire exposé here.