Up In Arms

FILE UNDER: Hardcore greybeards’ masterstroke

ROCKS LIKE: Wasted Youth, Bad Brains, Sick Of It All

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: The original Bloodclot formed in 1981 and featured eventual Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph. Bloodclot 2017 stars Joseph upfront alongside Murphy’s Law guitarist Todd Youth, Danzig drummer Joey Castillo and hellraiser-about-town Nick Oliveri playing knuckle-dusting hardcore straight from the streets of ’80s NYC filtered through 35-plus years of anger and experience.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The old guard fucking nails it. Throw any hesitations about dudes your parents’ age not being able to rollick harder than kids half their age—or you—out the window. Similarly, Up In Arms may be tough as tungsten nails, but it’s also as infectious as Ebola, as evidenced on the ranging, anthemic simplicity of “Fire” and the title track’s bristling energy. 

OUR PICK: “Fire”

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