Cleveland emo rapper Blossom Reynolds has recently covered the Puddle Of Mudd classic, “She Hates Me.”

Reynolds says that he originally got the idea to cover the song while driving around one day. Immediately, the rapper took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the song.

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However, when a friend challenged him to sample the song, Reynolds started to kick it in gear. The emo rapper then thought sampling the song just wasn't enough. Instead, he decided to make an entire cover.

“I originally was going to have a friend just sample the guitar and make a completely different song with it, but listening to it again, I never noticed how inherently emo the song really is,” Reynolds says. “I mean ‘She hates me, I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none’ is pretty sad. I was already in talks with sorrow bringer from Ukraine about collabing on a song, then I heard this beat while I had the “She Hates Me” lyrics on my mind and it all just came together.”

You can listen to the interesting take on “She Hates Me” below.

Additionally, you can listen to the original Puddle Of Mudd version below.

Recently, Reynolds put out a five-song EP titled Come Natural. You can listen to the 2018 release here. Additionally, according to a press release, the emo rapper intends on putting out a four-song collab with producer the Tear God this spring.

What do you think of Reynolds’ cover of the Puddle Of Mudd classic? Sound off in the comments below.

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