After the successful return of Halloween, horror fans everywhere have been curious if we'd see a relaunch of any other iconic classics. Now, Jason Blum sits down to discuss the potential favorite of two classics, Scream and Hellraiser.

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CinemaBlend spoke with Miramax CEO Bill Block this past Fall on the idea of reviving these two movies, to which he replied:

"[Halloween] was a Miramax license, and you'll see more of these coming from the studio now... I will have some things to share with you. You mentioned something there that we're working on - two things in there that we're working on. This is going to be a part of the new program."

Not much had been heard on the potential of these two films since, but Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions is still giving us a small bit of hope to hold on to.

Sitting down with CinemaBlend he added, "Yes, we definitely have [discussed it]. We're looking - there's nothing happening with either one of those things - but we're definitely looking at it, and it's definitely something I'd be open to."

We're still keeping our fingers crossed.

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We're sure one Scream fan in particular would be pretty hyped about a relaunch.

A Jamaican man scored a major prize when he won the lottery. However, not wanting to reveal his face in photos and news broadcasts, the anonymous man took things to new heights by concealing his identity with a Scream mask.

A man who is only being identified as A. Campbell won $158,400,000 in Jamaican dollars, which is just over $1.1 million U.S. dollars, via Super Lotto.

The winner took 54 days to collect his prize, which did not go unnoticed as Supreme Ventures Limited, the owners of the Super Lotto, put out an advertisement urging the winner to come forward before the 90-day deadline lapsed.

He soon came forward, still in disbelief that he had actually won.

Campbell purchased the ticket for $200 on Omara Road in Kingston and reveals he plans to buy a house.

Check out his scary good disguise complete with black leather gloves and a outfit similar to Ghostface himself below.

Would you be down for more horror movie revivals? Which films would you like to see return to the big screen? Sound off in the comments below!

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