This Black History Month, AltPress is passing the mic to some of our favorite artists so they can highlight the Black artists and Black-fronted bands they’re listening to right now.

London duo Bob Vylan create grime-punk that hits hard. Beyond their raucous music, though, lies an even louder message, where they tackle social and political issues without fear. With their second album, The Price of Life, they did just that, confronting topics like racism, poverty and food insecurity with their uncompromising songs. Naturally, that spirit is reflected in the music that they listen to, which informs their approach to their creative vision, as well as their perspectives in general.

“Listening to other people’s music is the way that I’ve been introduced to so many different ways of thinking — some ways that I agree with and some ways that I don’t agree with — and I’m sure our music does a similar thing for other people. But in terms of creating music, we find inspiration through lived experience. The message is in the music because it’s something that we already live by,” vocalist Bobby Vylan told AP in 2022

Check out Bob Vylan’s Black History Month playlist below.